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Is it too early to talk about this?

We’ve barely made it out of the first weekend, I’m highly optimistic of this year, and yet… listening to Carlos Pena in the pregame interview – I’m excited. DLee was one of my favorite Cubs of all time, so perhaps I wasn’t expecting too much out of Pena, but he really impresses me.

He still hasn’t learned that when the wind is blowing in at Wrigley… don’t try and hit it out, he’s injured (doesn’t look serious), and the Cubs are only 2 and 2… but…

Is it too early to root for this guy to be a long-term 1B option? Yeah, yeah – He Who Shall Not Be Named is a free agent next year, but at what price? We’ve got some infield prospects coming, but I don’t see anyone ready at first in the next couple of years. Colvin gets his chance to start at first today, but next year, he’s probably a corner OF with the Fook gone. Jackson will probably be a reserve OF, I know we need a leadoff man, but he’ll have to prove he can hit up here first (he should get a chance this September).

Pena plays a damn good 1B, pretty comparable even to DLee. If he can even hit 250 with power… I’m pretty excited. This guy works hard, has a great attitude and already seems to be a great leader.

I’ll worry about next year… after this year… but as of now, I’m hoping for Pena to earn a three year contract with a great year. Don’t bet the farm on He Who Shall Not Be Named (except in tags) next year. The cost is too high. I’m rooting for Pena, who seems to love playing here already, to make it a non-decision.

I guess we’ll see, but I’ve haven’t felt so good about a projected .500 Cubs team in a long, long time.

And this is the LAST time, even in tags, that I will mention He Who Shall Not Be Named in connection with his pending free agency. Which is probably the only thing I say this year that will make Cardinal fans happy.