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Who had game #3 in the ‘First Wacky Cubs Game’ pool?

Ouch. Some losses hurt a bit more than others. This is one of those emotional roller-coaster losses.

The Good

  • Castro goes 3 for 4 with a walk, a run and TWO triples
  • Garza somehow scatters 12 singles and gives up only 3 runs in 7 innings
  • Garza sets a career high with 12 strikeouts and no walks in his Cubs debut
  • Soriano gets the first Cubs homer of the year – in a tie ball game!
  • the Cubs defense ALMOST steals a victory when Colvin cuts down a runner at the plate in the 8th

The Bad

  • 2 for 10 with RISP – the chances were there to put this game away
  • Wood needed Colvin to bail him out of the 8th with DEFENSE
  • Marmol’s Greatest 9th inning drama on Earth showed us the drama, just one day after showing us the domination – Leadoff walks are fatal

The Weird

  • 7 innings, 12 hits, ALL singles, 12 strikeouts, no walks and 3 runs. Not a pitching line you see very often
  • I’m sure there are some Pirates fans who will dispute this but… a fan accidentally dumps his drink on a Pirate… I’m pretty convinced that the fan was just going for the ball
  • a couple of odd errors late in the game
  • Clint Hurdle and the first base coach arguing with the umps over a play at 1st in the 9th. He seemed convinced that Barney was not touching the bag at first. True. However, Barney tagged Overbay BEFORE he reached first AND Overbay jumped OVER first base without touching it anyway. A good call by the ump. But strange as heck. Again, I’m sure some Pirates fans will beg to differ. Such is baseball, I’m pretty convinced after looking at the replay.

The Pirates and Cubs appeared to be trying to take turns giving the game away on defense at times. The Pirates’ young hitters are every bit as good as I expected. Great series by the Pirates. While I hate to see them get it done against the Cubs, I sincerely hope they can keep it up against the Cards, Brews and Reds.

The chances were there to start the season with 2 out of 3 at home. And… tomorrow starts another series.


Cubs Win!

Thankfully, we’ve won at least one game over opening weekend.

Zambrano cramps, leadoff baserunners, clutch hitting (only one inning), the Starlin Castro Show sizzles, a baseball stuck in the ivy, outstanding bullpen pitching and the Marmol Express in the ninth (minus the drama) = win #1.

Yes, It’s just one win, but it’s the FIRST win, and I’m excited.
Yes, it’s the Pirates, but they maimed us last year, and they will be better than you expect.
Yes, it’s April, early April, but it’s BASEBALL baby! At long last!


Opening Day 2011

And… they’re off. Sort of. Cubs fall to the Pirates 6-3. The Pirates pick up where they left off last year. Beating the Cubs. The Pirates’ young hitters looked good, as expected.

Recap: Dempster gives up a Grand Slam. Cubs get 11 hits (all singles) and leave 10 on base.

Welcome back to Wrigley Field, Mike Quade. No free pass from the media and fans like the last month of a lost cause season. I’ve already counted three questions in the post-game about Dempster pitching the seventh after getting out of trouble in the sixth.

Somewhere, Lou is yelling at the television:

Ask him why Colvin didn’t start! Ask him! Why did he leave in Dempster? Why’s Byrd batting third? Soriano seventh? Don’t let him off the hook!