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4 Car Pileup in the Center Lane

Sometimes, during the course of a 162 game season, you’re going to have days where you feel you should have won but didn’t. Frustrating and Maddening days. When they happen, all you can do is try and remember days like yesterday – when you get a win you probably didn’t earn.

I had to triple check this morning that the Cubs split the double-header yesterday – because I wasn’t entirely sure after listening to the games yesterday. Garza pitched well until his last inning – when he decided to make things interesting. Both teams attempted to give the game to the other team. However, between Garza and the bullpen, the Cubs walked 9 batters from the 6th inning on. Holy Cow. The Padres couldn’t have been very happy, they were given many, many opportunities to take the lead and bring in the highly skilled Heath Bell. The Pads got enough hitting to win game two – which was a pretty good game, considering the Quade Bullpen Special was starting just an hour after an extra-innings affair.

The Padres have OUTSTANDING pitching and RIDICULOUS speed, more than enough to keep them in each and every game. I’m pretty confident that they’ll get enough hitting from this lineup to contend. They can’t all continue to slump for the entire year. Of course that’s what I thought last year about the Cubs, but I digress. I’ve seen way too much of Ludwick in the division – I KNOW he’ll turn it around. And he started in game 2.

The Cubs were extremely fortunate to come away with a series victory – thanks to Reed Johnson coming out of nowhere to hit a walk off homerun in the 11th. A timely contribution from an unlikely source. Good times. Reeeeeeeeeeed!

Some other good notes – Garza pitched 5 excellent innings. Soto cut down 4 of 5 runners in the second game (after waving them through the turnstiles in the first game), and pitchers in the bullpen not named Samardzija pitched relatively well – throwing strikes.

Don’t look now, but there is a four car pileup in the Central. With two more cars looking to join the mayhem. A four way tie for first… at 9-9. With two more teams within two games. Yikes. We’ve played some up and down baseball, but we’re right in this thing. And most importantly – a series win is a series win.

Bring on the Dodgers!