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This ball’s got a chaaaaaance… off the wall.

We’re well on the way to setting a team record for ‘almost homers’.

Save the ivy. Hit the ball a couple of feet higher.


The Pat and Keith Show

Yes, many of us still listen to the game on AM radio. And some day, when I’m sitting on my front porch yelling at the young whippersnappers to get off of my lawn, I hope to still be listening to Cubs games. With all apologies to the excellent Cubs television broadcasters, there’s just something about listening to play by play on the radio to me. I frequently listen to the radio while the television is muted. Perhaps its the numerous day games the Cubs play that forced me to develop a habit of listening to the Cubs wherever I might be, but I just love to hear baseball described by a great play by play announcer. And Pat Hughes is as good as they come.

This weekend marks the beginning of a new era of Cubs WGN-720 radio broadcasts. The heart and soul of the Chicago Cubs, the irreplaceable Ron Santo, is no longer with us.

Rather than replacing Santo, a new chapter will be written, by a Cubs icon from the fading memories of the summers of my youth, Keith Moreland.

Welcome back to Wrigley, Keith Moreland.