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All Hail the Prince

At this point, I think that almost everyone would agree that Braun is either a top 10 hitter in baseball, or pretty damn close. But don’t forget about the Prince. When a batter with that much power shows the discipline to use the entire field, well… you get a result like last night. 6-0 Brewers.

That’s a great lineup in Milwaukee, as if we didn’t know that already, and now they’ve got their ace Gallardo in the finale.

Lots of panic in Cubs land already. Samardzjia may have to go in hiding with all of the hate (mostly deserved, but… I digress). We’ve got a .500 record so far, despite not playing up to our potential. I’ll take it. Way too early to start worrying about BA’s and ERA’s. Not enough games in the bag yet. Road series against tough divisional rivals aren’t going to be easy. This should be a fun game today. And either way? It’s off to Houston.