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Byrd Belligerence

Yesterday’s 6-5 loss to the Brewers will certainly not calm down nervous Cubs fans. There will be plenty said about the homer Wood served up, and the failed stolen base attempt by Byrd with nobody out in the 9th.

Byrd has been, without a doubt, one of the most positive, hard-working players on the team during his short tenure. And, just that quickly…. his answers in the postgame are being compared to Milton Bradley. Ouch. It’s a given in modern-day sports that when you fail, the media will ask about it. If there’s a decision to second-guess, it WILL be second-guessed. The media in Chicago may not be quite as rabid as in New York, but there is a pressure that comes with playing for the Cubs that has crushed better players and managers.

Compare Byrd’s postgame interview after losing an April baseball game…
to Rory McIlroy’s interview yesterday just minutes after imploding on the final day of the Masters to lose after leading for 54 holes.

I’m a big fan Marlon, big fan. Normally, I’m biased against the media… asking losing athletes about a tough loss just minutes after that loss seems a bit cruel. The media frequently asks questions just to get responses like this, because it’s news. The right answers to questions are boring in the eyes of the media. But that being said, I’m having trouble defending you here Marlon. It was unprofessional, and nobody should want to be compared to Bradley. You owe the media an apology today.

I love the fire, and I LOVE that you’re upset about losing. Good. But be professional. The correct response is that it just didn’t work out, and tomorrow begins another important division series. Quade defended you, saying that he may have screwed up a sign. I know you didn’t want to throw the 3rd base coach under the bus, and that’s good too. It didn’t work out, and tomorrow is another game. If you respond professionally, and the media continues to press, that’s another story. That’s on them.

And for the record, the game wasn’t lost in the bottom of the 8th or the top of the 9th. It was lost in the first five innings, when they continually let the Brewer ace off the hook. 2 for 17 with runners in scoring position. The Brewers have a very good team, and you can’t squander opportunities to beat them. Quade said it best, “We’re just not giving ourselves much room for error. … It’s tough. You need to add on when you can. When you have a guy like Gallardo on the ropes, you need to put him away.”

Shake it off Marlon. You’re a much better person and player than you showed yesterday. I’m a HUGE fan. Everyone has bad days, and I’m not worried – on the field or off the field. Apologize and move on. Tomorrow is another game. I’m looking forward to it.