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Party Like It’s 2010

Ouch. A tough loss to the defending division champs. The Reds, as expected, are very good.

The Cubs continue to get on base… and not score.
The big RBI guys, including Ramirez and Lee, continue to squander opportunities with men on base.
Lou Pinella shuffled the lineup a bit, again, trying to get any production with runners in scoring position.

Wait. I’m getting an urgent tap on the shoulder from Doc Brown. Apparently, this is 2011. My humblest apologies. Replace Pinella with Quade, Ramirez with Ramirez and Lee with Pena. That looks about right.

If we’re going to turn back the clock, can we pick a year where we got clutch hits? Umm… hold on, I’ll come up with one… 2008 (pre-playoffs of course)? 2003? Never mind. 1984? We have a winner. Someone find me Sutcliffe, stat. And get Moreland out of the radio booth. Where’s Sandberg? The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs? What? That’s either the greatest name in the history of organized sports or the worst. Prep the DeLorean for 1984, Doc. And this time, Durham – watch the damn 5 hole. That was doubleplusungood.


Time to get going. It’s a long season – but it’s getting shorter.

This is like déjà vu all over again.