Casey On The Hill

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Chicago nine that day:
The peerless Rockies had not yet lost – in regulation play.
The score was very close, two one in favor of the Blue,
But in the fifth the Purple would see what they could do.

Hill’s pickoff left the infield, a man to third – Rox taking aim,
An uneasy feeling fell upon the Cub fans at the game.
With just one pitch, a tiring Casey hit Giambi near the hat
And from the nearby circle, Mighty Tulo strode to bat.

One fastball was thrown outside, followed quickly by two more,
A wiser man might walk this beast, not to risk a score of four.
A hitters count, and this fastball was headed o’er the plate,
Out of his hands, Cub fans cringed at their impending fate.

Ball hit bat, but traveled much less far than was expected,
To Pena’s glove outside the lines, the runners still were stranded
The game went on, but this game turned with Tulo at the bat
There is no joy today in Denver, young Casey saw to that.

(Obviously inspired by the great epic of baseball – Casey at the Bat).

And we’re back to 500. Hopefully the start of a nice move in the right direction.
On any given day… even the unlikely can happen.



  1. raysrenegade

    Very nice.
    Your team ran into a buzzsaw in this series as the Rockies seemed to have found that early stream of rare air that promotes winning.
    Heck maybe the new Coors Field humidor rules favor the Rockies more….just a thought.
    Seriously, great stanzas and hope the Cubs can find the answer to those presky back and purple baseball eaters before you leave town…Please.

    Rays Renegade

  2. blithescribe

    Welcome to MLBlogs! I love parodies, homages and the like and think that you did an exceptionally good job on this one. The last full paragraph of your bio is fantastic too. Well put and spoken like a true fan. This early in the season when every game won or lost prompts a radical change in the percentage column, .500 is nothing to sneeze at. More wins will come.
    This is a very simple game…

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